Smart Handheld Coding Machine

High-resolution smart handheld Inkjet Printer can be set up to print both manually and automatically, it can print MFD Date, EXP Date, Batch Code, QR Code, Text and Images. It is suitable for Board, cardboard box, stone, fiber-board, light steel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, wire, cable surfaces, etc.

It can print all kinds of logo, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk, the average power consumption is lower than 5W. it comes with two (2) rechargeable batteries, one (1) black solvent-based ink cartridge, one (1) sensor, one (1) USB flash drive, one (1) touch pen, a charging set and twelve (12) months warranty. It is also a touch screen-printer.

This is a touch screen handheld Inkjet Printer for exceptional print quality on all materials. It can print Dot-matrix, text, image (load from flash disk), QR code, number, date, time, batch code, expiry date, manufactured date, etc.

1. For printing MFG Date, EXP Date, Batch Number, QR Code, Text, and Images
2. Smart and efficient handheld coding machine
3. Advanced inkjet operating system
4. Multi-language Printing
5. 360-degree printing
6. Touch screen
7. Easy to carry

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