Public speaking, sales and presentation skill

Price: 35,000
The 4 weeks public speaking course is designed to help you:

Overcome stage fright very easily so you can stand confidently to speak in front of 50 or 500 people, anywhere, any time.
Build self-confidence so you can command boldness, eloquence and power on stage.
Be able to prepare and deliver powerful presentations in your business or social meetings.
Be able to write and organize your speeches like a professional speaker following international standards.
Be able to communicate your ideas with eloquence & charisma so you can easily win people to your way and get more people to follow you.
Become a more interesting and persuasive speaker – no more being a boring person. No more having the awkward experience where you are speaking and people are dozing off to sleep or crashing their legs on the floor in utter boredom. Regain your power.
And lots more as the class gets interesting (it’s always an interactive class. You will see!)

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