The Nigerian Traders Business Forum is a platform that encourages small and medium scale businesses to be active players in the Nigerian Investment Hub for economic growth and development.

With active partnership of the Government, infant industries can be supported. Similarly, investors can be motivated to invest in industries with potential multiplier effect on the growth of the economy.

With the government exploring other sectors of the economy such as manufacturing and agriculture, this forum can play an active role in employment generation and manpower development.

With the present administrations focus on improving the business and investment climate in Nigeria through the ease of doing business policies and the other various investment incentives such as tax holidays, capital allowances, investments, subsidies, export expansion grants, export development funds among others.
Nigeria as a Country is blessed with enormous human and material resources. It sits on a landmass of 923,768km2.

Nigeria has a population estimation of about 200million people. Chief among the natural resources, the country is blessed with oil, solid minerals, a beautiful climate and land for agricultural production.

With these assets, Nigeria presents a robust platform for exponential economic growth.

One of the key factors which engender economic growth is the presence of viable and vibrant investment culture.

An investment culture is one which encourages Nigerians both at home and in diaspora to invest in the Nigeria economy. This can be done through individual investments, a consortium, foreign direct investment, public-private partnerships, or a combination of two or all of the above.

It therefore becomes necessary to provide a platform to drive this economic growth, one of such platforms is the establishment of this forum to actualize this idea.

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