Power of a Woman

About the Book
Power of a Woman announces itself as a worthy heir to Chinua Achebe ‘s Things Fall Apart.
Ndukwu Challenges every expectation of an Africa novelist. The Language is Juicy and his humor is spicy. Stretching the line between love and madness. An extraordinary book so magical and crumbling.
This is the coming of age novel like no other. You are bound to find yourself moved. What is most arresting is the pain you feel when you read the book. The novel is written by a gifted writer born in the slum in Ajegunle. Daniel writes a story that brings the world into his street.
A searing girl, a troubled Nigerian teen is threatened by rape. Corpse swings like a dance rehearsal. The Portrait of a brutalized girl given no control over her life. Power of a Woman is a hard, unsparing book, cruel in its beauty, shocking in its compassion. It reveals the hidden secret behind a corrupt society. The society is bleeding.

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