Fogging Machines in Nigeria Market. We deal on South Korean Machines.

Fogging Machines are commonly used in Pest Control, Disinfection, Crop protection, and disease prevention application field. It is easy to use and high on demand in the Public Health Departments, Factories, Farm houses, Hospitals to prevent the spread of diseases, pathogens such as west nile, malaria, encephalitis, dengue fever, yellow fever, bacteria etc.

The thermal fogger Sprays fog faster, finer, & further.

It features customizable flow rate (0.8-50 micron droplets) extra-durable tank, reinforced shielding cage, & chrome-metal pump.

Built to last: The Best Fogger engine is reliable and low-maintenance. The fuel & solution tank are fashioned from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The cooling jacket & protective safety shield are also stainless steel. All seals, gaskets, & diaphragms in contact with the solution are built to last.

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