Price: 2500-4000
Chicken Pizza (Large)
NGN 3,500.00
Chicken, green pepper, cheese, onions,sweet corn, tomatoes, mushroom and parsley leave all bond together to form a delicious Chicken Pizza.
Beef Pizza (Large)
NGN 3,500.00
Beef, tomatoes, mushroom, parsley leave,sweet corn, green pepper, onion and cheese mixed together gives a tasty Beef Pizza
Sausage Pizza (Large)
NGN 3,500.00
Sausage, tomatoes, mushroom,parsley leave,sweet corn, green pepper, onion, and cheese all come together to give a delicious Sausage pizza
Meat mix Pizza (Large)
NGN 4,000.00
Chicken,beef, sausage, sweet corn, tomatoes, mushroom,parsley leave, green pepper, onion, and cheese all combined gives a watery Meat mix pizza
Vegetable pizza (Large)
NGN 2,500.00
Sweet corn, tomatoes, mushroom, parsley leave, green pepper, onion and cheese all mixed together gives a high nutritious non dietary Vegetable pizza

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