Saloon Management System

This 2 in 1 Product is a combination of a High Quality saloon website and a highly effective saloon management software. We've have build this product to service both female saloons and male barbing saloons.


* HairStyle listing
* Business calendar management
* Booking management
* Services listing
* Customer management
* Employee/Assistance management
* Integrated e-commerce system (to sell other products)
* Payment system
* Bulk import for customers, employees and services
* Customers can choose which Employee to make or barb their hair while ordering
* The system automatically tells the customer whether the time they select has been taken by another customer or not. Also, it shows them which Assistant is free and at what time.
* Email & SMS alerts to customers
* Customer receipts
* Email & SMS alert to employee.
and many more...

The product is divided into 3 types,
A. GOLD - 160,000 (one-time payment) | 15,000/month(subscription)
B. SILVER - 100,000 (one-time payment) | 10,000/month(subscription)
C. BRONZE - 50,000 (one-time payment) | 6,000/month(subscription)

For more questions on the difference between the 3 types, contact us.

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