Plastisol Screen Printing Inks

Price: US$ 3.35 per kg
Transo Colour Plastisol Inks estd 2006 based in Mumbai India having a very good experience of 7 year

Transo Colour Plastisol Inks estd 2006 based in Mumbai India having a very good experience of 7 years in Dyes & Chemical.
Transo Colour is Brand owned by Translabel India manufacturer and exporter of plastisol inks for the textile, garment, leather, rexine, nylon, industrial moulding.
Translabel India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high
Quality plastisol inks.
Translabel India has everything you need for screen printing, heat transfers and
Special effects printing.
Recent advances in plastisol technology have created a new generation in plastisol inks. Now Translabel India brings that technology to you in Transo Colour. Transo Colour is available in a wide range of plastisol inks. No matter what your requirements may be, Transo Colour has the right plastisol ink for that application. Transo Colour Series Plastisol Inks are formulated with only the finest materials and do not contain any heavy metals or DOP.
We are serving 5 countries worldwide with satisfied clientele. We have three types of plastisols for textile / garment screen printer.
PVC based plastisol inks.
Pththalate and PVC free plastisol inks.
Formaldehyde, Phthalate and PVC free water based plastisol inks
Translabel India is also the leading manufacturer of Heat transfer Stickers for decorating garments, bags, leather, caps, Mugs, Rexines, Woods, Upholsteries etc.
Within a year we have built our business by supplying the highest quality of printing Inks.
We believe that value is not defined by price, but that price is an element of value not a sole arbiter.
In short, we want your business. For those who have been our customers we thank you and cherish you. We will continue to do all within our power to continue to deserve your loyalty. For those who have not been a customer, we welcome you to our family

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