Company Formation

Step by step process of Nigeria foreign company registration-incorporation:

Proposed name approval of organization, address, MOA, Papers, Trade authorization, Value added tax and other permission is required to register a new company in Nigeria by CAC;
Shareholders figure , (two-fifty) to start a business in Nigeria as foreigner;
Wholly non-national shareholding company registration is allowed;
Lowest share value of 10,000 (ten thousand) , for private limited company and a fix remittance confirm as Foreign Direct Investment;
Corporate Tax is 30 (thirty) per cent and 5 (five) per cent on VAT;
Application of incorporation forward to IPB;
Overseas enterprise can apply for credit to bank developing project;
Expert people can be engaged whether non residence or local as law of the country;
Tax shall be applied on profit and / or dividend of the corporation;
Follow NIPC guide lines to begin fresh trading;
Purchase raw materials, goods, machineries, equipment’s through banks;
Operating freely for any business are allowed within free zone area;
An amount need to remit as showing sum of five hundred thousand dollar or same local money;
Mining and any other types like mineral are allowed too;
Apply for permission of trading where necessary as type of business;
Ten per cent tax is applied on gaining the capital from business;
Tax holiday and incentives are allowed on particular products;
Our company registration service is only for the foreigner.

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