Canada 3in1 Immigration Program

Canada 3in1 Package Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's Canada 3in1?
This is the combination of
Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP),
Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP),
Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII)
as a Single Package.
This saves you up to 85% in processing all 3 separately.

How Much Does the Canada 3in1 Package Cost?*
• Single $6,000
• Couple $10,000
• Family $12,000

What's Included in the 3in1 Package?
• Canada Job Offer
• Work Permit Visa
• Accommodation
• PR Assistance

What's 3in1 Basic Eligibility? Who is eligible for this package
You are eligible to apply for this package if you have:
• 1 year of Work Experience.
• Minimum 12 years of education.
• Under 55 years of age
• IELTS 4.0 to 5.5 (AIP 4.0.)
• Proof of funds (AIP $3,303).
POF is only needed with P.R. applications so most clients won't need it.

What's The Processing Timeframe?
• Earliest: 7 - 9months
• Standard: 8 - 12months.

What's Are The Requirements For Canada 3in1 Package?
A clearly scanned copy of the following documents
• Evidence Of 1st Payment.
• Filled PAQ and ICA Docs.
• Professional Photograph.
• An Updated Resume / CV
• Awards, Academic & Vocational Credentials (if any)
• Letter Of Recommendation (if any)
• Letter Of Introduction (if any).
• WES Certificate General (if available)
• IELTS Results General (if available).
If you don't have your WES or IELTS, we can assist you.

I'm Interested - How do I Start?

or Chat with Support on WhatsApp, click https:/ or Call 0809 420 0006 for general inquiries.

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