Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing is the aggressive perimeter security which is fast replacing traditional methods of fence protection. It is installed on the top of an existing perimeter fence or as a stand-alone fence. It is an excellent deterrent designed to keep intruders away from your premises.

*it stops intruders with a sharp, painful and incapacitating electric shock
*It raises an instant alarm if an intruder tries to climb, cut or tamper with the fence
*It can immediately report intrusion
*it increases fence height by a minimum of 600 mm to provide an anti-climb section
*Back up batteries provide continuous protection even when there is power failure

Recommended areas of use:
Residencies, warehouses, factories and businesses, embassies and consulates, suburb enclosures, educational institutions, farms (for retaining animals), offices, military sites and other important facilities.

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