Air Freight

*Export service – At Dbell Logistics we handle all your critical and urgent documents and parcels in a professional and reliable way from the door step of the shipper to that of the receiver. We do not only guide you on what is acceptable International for Air Transportation by IATA regulations, we get involved in the Pickup, Packaging and Customs Clearance processes.

*Import Service – Importing could be so burdensome when making a choice of carrier, the Incoterm to use, Clearing and balancing it with speed and safety of your products.

Dbell offers end to end Import Solutions(Ex-Work,DDU,DDP,CPT) at the same time gives you visibility of your shipment via our real time tracking system from pick up to delivery.

Reverse Logistics - At Dbell Logistics, we understand that service does not end with the delivery of your product. either the customer or field service technician holds the replaced part or product, both require a well defined returns management process to speedup recovery, manage costs, and strengthen customer relationships.

You can rely on us to manage your
1.Temporary Export – for Repair and Return, Warrantee replacement or strategic sourcing for inventory management
2.Temporary import – Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) requires a Temporary Import Certificate for products imported into Nigeria on temporary basis with the intention to export it back to the country of origin.
3.Returns for Recycle or Disposal

Our team is available to advise and assist you get some essential paperwork needed for the services listed above, (Repair and Return Certificate, Temporary Import Certificate etc)

Domestics – door to door delivery of critical domestic documents and parcel within Nigeria. We guarantee delivery within 24hours to major Airport cities, while we do 48 – 72 hours to other locations depending on the destination.

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