Trademark Registration

Price: From 90,000
In Nigeria, the trademarks are registered under the the Trade Marks Act - CAP. T13 L.F.N. 2004, while patents are registered under the Patents and Designs Act - CAP. P2 L.F.N. 2004. The Trademarks, Patents And Designs Registry of the Commercial Law Department, Federal Ministry Of Industry, Trade And Investment is the responsible for the registration. The requirements are quite simply: In the case of a trademark, the applicants name, residential address, phone number, e-mail address, and the classification no. of product, the image of the trademark in pdf format,and a Power of Attorney in pdf format. In the case of a patent, the particulars of the patentee, a petition or request for a patent with the applicant’s full name and address, a power of attorney /authorization of agent, a specification of the invention including a claim or claims in duplicate, plans and drawings if any in duplicate, and a declaration by the true inventor where applicable.

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