Biometric and Access Control Systems

At Outbox Technologies Limited, we provide a full range of security products and services to help customers benefit from a safe working environment, secured properties and protected asset.

Our solutions include Access Control, Biometrics, Burglar Alarm, Gates & Barriers, Perimeter Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Time & Attendance, People Counting, Event Management & Crowd Control, Canteen Management system, Guard Tour, Asset & Inventory Tracking, Hotel Locking System, Audio & Video Door Entry systems.

We deploy solutions suitable for all sizes of entry and personnel strength - local and enterprise-wide; standalone or networked via LAN and the Internet with a centralized database and live monitoring of entry and exit of different locations.

Card Access, PIN code Access, Biometrics – Fingerprint, Full Palm Vein Scanner, Facial Recognition, Gates & Barrier, Retractable Grilles and Cage, Revolving Doors, Turnstiles, Interlocking Doors, RFID for Asset Movement, Pipeline protection, Perimeter monitoring, ATM & Vault protection Biometric ATM, Burglar & Intrusion Alarm

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