Lean Manufacturing system

GLODARIS is an international consulting firm that specializes in working with companies to enable them to successfully design and implement Lean Manufacturing or the Toyota Production System (TPS). We are experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels. Our broad Lean expertise and ability to adapt Lean concepts and methodologies to the needs of each specific business is what differentiates us from other organizations. Our consultants are experienced hands-on Senior Lean practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying Lean in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government/ Services, Food, Finance and Manufacturing.
We have a good approach for identifying and eliminating waste in operations through continuous improvement for doing everything more efficiently, reducing the cost of operating the system and fulfilling the customers desire for maximum value at the lowest price.
Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of wastes within a process. These include wastes created through unevenness in workloads, overburden and any work that does not add value. From the point of view of the customer who consumes a service or product, “value” is any process or action that a client would be willing to pay for. In essence, lean is focus on making obvious what appends value by decreasing everything else.

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