Video Production

Price: From N30,000

Commercials have the power to build your brand, give potential customers confidence in choosing your company and to showcase the heart and soul of your company to an incredibly wide audience whether through online or traditional media.

Corporate video productions have the power to engage your target market, effectively explain concepts, or improve business-to-business marketing. Kuti Studios are experts in B2B marketing, social media or online content, CEO addresses, and conference or event filming.

Training videos and induction films have the power to increase staff productivity, create a safer workplace, inspire or train staff or your students more efficiently and to ensure your team is on the same page.

Kuti Studio has worked on a wide range of informative and engaging documentaries. These are a great way to capture the history of your organization, document a large project, showcase a program or tell an important story.

Video productions for education providers have the power to engage your prospective students and showcase the benefits of your education institution. For schools, video can give families confidence in choosing your school and to inspire or train your staff.
Kuti Studios has produced promotional films, training videos, web content and event filming for a range of schools and universities.

Tourism video productions have the power to showcase your attraction or region, make people want to visit and inspire other tourism providers to recommend your attraction or region. We’ve showcased many tourism attractions over the years.

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