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Offer made to Claimant’s of 10 million Naira
Iron Products limited made a offer to Claimant before appeal court date of 10 million Naira. That is far from the 325 000 Us Dollar Judgment against them.
IPI offers 10 million Naira to South African after loosing a court case of over 325 000 US Dollars
A offer has been put on the table by the laywers of IPI for 10 million Naira. They lost a court case for more than 325 000 US Dollars dew to breach of 3 year cretain employment contract. The offer was rejected by claiment. Awaiting the appeal court. That also failed to give in documents in the time frame of the appeal court. We are are waiting on the appeal courts date.
Judgment given against Iron Products limited Nigeria
The company has a Judgement given against them for the breach of a certain 3 year employment contract with a South African. The Judgment was given on the 7 of Dec 2017.

All there clients will be informed about the Judgment and not honering threre contracts.
Reply by Paul Sullivan
23 Jun, 2018
IPI offered the claiment 15 million Naira. The offer was rejected due to the more than 325 000 Us Dollars judgment given against the company. Claimant awaits court date at the appeal court. IPI also did not give in there documents in the time frame of the appeal court. The claimants laywers filled for dismissal.
Reply by Alan S
10 May, 2019

Where is posted this information? it would be greatful to find that