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I’m still trying to figure out if this brand isn’t a fraud
They came to install a new cable and the router was brought too and it never worked,the engineer said the new cable was broken despite being a first timer it’s been headaches back to back I’ve wasted a lot of money to call thier Costomer care and they keep saying they will send someone and still nobody showed up till now I really regret signing up for this Fiberone ,my advice don’t be a victim as I am one already
Very good internet in Lagos
I subscribed to Fiberone's internet last month and I have had a very good experience with them so far. They installed it within the two weeks that was promised and the customer service person I kept talking to was polite in her responses.

This was a surprise to me because I have read so many poor reviews about them but still decided to try them out when my previous network was frustrating me. I wanted to come and tell my own experience so that other people can see that their network is actually good.
Good Customer Services
I started using Fiber one Few Months ago and few weeks ago,I started to experience incessant down time in service and had to call them often. I thought their customer service attendants were not going to be polite cause have always being viewing from other side talks online, but to my surprise I placed the call and they were really cool. They were really understanding and patient to listen to all my complains,I told them about my issues and I was told their technicians would come fix it for me that day. Even though the tech didn’t show up,which I was earlier informed and a call was placed to me about the inconveniences. My understanding is that they’d compensate me for the lost days which is fair enough, and now the technician showed up today to fix everything.
Poor customer service and long installation period
I am extremely disappointed. Paid about 2 weeks ago and they started installation last week Wednesday. They finally came to finish it yesterday after several complaints from me. Only to figure out that they did not configure the router well and I was told the engineers were going to come around to fix it today and I literally told the customer service woman I have somewhere to be by 1pm. Only for me to wait till 2pm and I called back and the lady said that she didn’t say they were coming today. I am so disappointed in your service. If I knew it was this bad I wouldn’t have listened to the person that recommended you people to me. You need to walk on your customer service relationship or whatsoever and you also need to work on keeping to time.
I'm in deep regret and they haven't even installed
I'm having the absolute worst time and I regret not coming here to see the number of bad reviews before paying for the useless service. Wunmi Cole intentionally misled me and now acts like I have a problem understanding rude! The customer service center is a waste of time and I've just gone ahead to ask for a refund before I get sucked into this web of lies and deceit. They get you to pay with urgency and then sit back in their offices.
I'm just utterly disgusted by the entire situation.
48 hours to pay and 3 weeks to typical of a stealing, thieving, conniving organization. Waste, waste, waste!!!
Worst Nightmare in the Internet World
This is the worst Broadband provider ever… They are extremely unprofessional and all their customer service agents are scammers and pathetic liars. They keep telling you lies to get you off the phone. They mute you whilst giving your complaints; and they never ever put you on to a Supervisor or a Manager to speak to. They would always say they aren’t on seat or not available.

I have been having internet/broadband downtime for 1 week and 6 days, yes that’s almost 2 weeks, when the downtime started on Monday the 6th of September 2021, I rang the technician Obed, who recently came rushing to add another extension for 60K, but when there was a fault, he stopped picking his calls, stopped responding to his messages, and he went quiet… obviously a fault to fix isn’t as juicy as a new extension/installation.

On Thursday the 9th of September 2021, I rang the customer care and made an official complaint about the service and that’s when the nightmare and daymare started… I have been made so many promises, spoken to many agents like Cynthia, Kemi, Michael, some names I have even forgotten or mixed up with the others I dealt with a month or two ago since we installed this terrible broadband… Yes this broadband goes down at least once or twice a week and if you’re lucky, you’d get 2 weeks of interrupted service; however the internet drops so bad that your Netflix or YouTube would be buffering for 3-5 minutes before it continues on probably kilobytes before charging up to Megabytes. They sell 10Mb but if you get 4Mb at any given time, thank your stars.

Today Saturday 18th September 2021, after several apologies and promises made, I spoke to the worst customer service agent called MIRA… Oh my goodness, yes I was irate; who wouldn’t be in my situation? Almost 2 weeks of no internet? A paid service, my subscription is paid till the 4th of October 2021. I had spoken with so many agents and they all never did what they promised to do.

Mira kept muting me and would probably put down her headset because she couldn’t answer any of the questions I asked whenever she came back to the conversation. She raised her voice and was extremely rude to me, a customer who’s paying for a service that has not been received for 2 weeks.

Mira hung up the phone on me. Yes she hung up…

I rang back, you see, whilst speaking with several agents, I learned my phone number shows on the screen so they know who’s calling. Mira saw my number, pick the call and hung up immediately before I said a word. I rang back and this time around, no one picked up so I stopped calling…

Who can we report this act of gross misconduct to? Who regulates a terrible company like this?

I pray your enemy won’t go through this kind of hell and trauma FibreOne broadband has put us through in the past 12 days and counting…

This is just a terrible company, terrible staffs, terrible service, and terrible experience overall…

My Fob******** - If there’s a manager or senior management reading this review…

Thanks and God bless
It's amazing...
I thought the unlimited service was capped but after installing, I discovered I couldn't exhaust my data. Unlimited like never seen, thumbs up to you guys....
Satisfied customer
Form my experience with fiberone broadhand. There internet connection is very reliable and pocket friendly, they also have reliable customer service too that's available 24/7
Good customer service
Eversince I've been connected to Fiberone I've been using internet service very smoothly and I've come to realize that they are one of the best, I've enjoyed good internet services and good customer service from their stafffs and management.
Good customer service
They have good customer service agents and provide good Network service, since when I have been using their network provider I have not experienced any form of breakdown and am very much happy to say they are the best and need nice accolades for their services
1 week without internet !
If you decide to engage with FiberOne, make sure to have a back up Internet Service Provider!
They don't care that internet is important in our lives. They don't care about their customers. They are just good in communication and tend to lure us with "cheap" prices. Fool me once, shame on you ; fool me twice, shame on me! you have been warned
Bad customer service
They rip off customers. I have written to fccp and NCC to investigate them. They have bad customer service review

There is always service disruption.................................
Very Awful Experience with the worst customer service ever!!
It took three weeks after payment for my installation to be done. one week later my internet is yet to be connected. the field service team are very unprofessional, the customer service representatives are very untruthful and nonchalant, i am beginning to regret why i subscribed to their service as i have been made to understand from several reviews that if i do not tip the field service team, my internet may not work. Please go for other ISPs if you have an alternative in your neigbourhood.
Loosing my confidence in Fiber One
My first month with Fiber one was okay but as the months went by I started to experience incessant down time in service and had to call them often. I thought their customer service attendants were polite but the last few months have been terrible. I experience service interruptions every other day lasting for up to 4 hours and longer sometimes. Now my service has been down for three days; I was told their technicians would come fix it from the first day but I’m yet to see them three days after, neither is there a call to update me. My understanding is that they’d compensate me for the lost days which is fair enough but their calculation is warped; UPSETTING! How is Monday morning to Wednesday evening (and still counting) one day? So rather than get compensated for the three days, I’m told I get one day which is their count of one full day. I’m confused. Don’t insult my intelligence, Fiber one. I would advice anyone shopping ISP to talk to enough users and get a wide range feedback before making a decision on FiberOne
Fibre one is the Worst , avoid them
Very true, fibre one is the worst when it comes to customer service. Over two weeks after installation, the internet isn’t working. The engineer collected 15k bribe from me and still it isn’t working. I called fibreone to complain they said they would get back to me but no way. I had to subscribe to another internet service provider. 86,500 wasted and extra 15k wasted. They are just the worst. The sales lady mosun , she is the worst person i have ever encountered in my life. My location is lekki, osapa London
Poor customer service
My internet has been down for 10 days and I have been writing to them everyday while they respond that they will send someone. Till now, 10days after, they haven't done anything about it. I paid 2 months subscription and I regret it. The network is okay but their staff will lead to the collapse of the business. If the directors of the company are smart, they should sack all their customers disservice staff
I agree! I’ve witnessed some of their staff do underhand business while the people waiting in queue to be attended to wait for longer periods
Customer technical issue resolution -- Very poor
Internet speed good but just dont have issue that will require their field engineers come to your side. It may take a month to fix your problem. Very bad
Very Awful Experience
After payment, installation is like a herculean task to them with diverse excuses and what I realize is some people get instant installation if you can bribe their technical staff.
Poor customer service and service delivery since Saturday 10:00 am service has been cut off without explanation to customers via email or SMS on why there is a disruption of service and what they are doing to restore the service. It is a big regret subscribing for this because this is what I use for working from home.
This is my experience...I wish I didnt subscribe to their service. Their field engineers are the laziest people have seen. You have to bribe your ways sometimes for their field guys to come fix your issue. I wonder if there is any serious person in charge of that company...cos if there is any, he/she cant be running business in this carefree manner. Zero synergy btw customer care dept and technical department.
Unlimited Data - Customer Service could be much better
Service is fine, but they have had recurring problems with service outage due to vandalization. When the service is up, it is second to none. I guess a secondary source is a must when using their service. I use an MTN HyNet as back up. My pocket feels the difference when Fiberone is down,
Awful Company
Awful and dreadful company. The bottom class internet service company in Nigeria. You pay for 1 month and get serviced 2 days only. You will be calling and calling without any resoponse.

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