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Worth for the money spent
I decided to approach this provider after seeing good reviews of them. Also, it is listed as very popular on this site as well. First, I compared the price of its software with others and found that it was cheaper. This made my mind doubt that there must be some back door to steal the money, which is why I thought they were selling scripts at a very low price. So at first, I was a little scared to contact them. I discussed it with my friend and he made it clear that the team has many add-ons and custom services, so the package comes with basic essentials and thus costs much less compared to the others. Then I contacted them and that was the best action I could take. I was treated very well and I was very comforted by the support team people. They helped me so well, as a token of my gratitude, I write here. Best wishes to the best team and look forward to this excellent support for my upcoming projects.
Actually this is the best team, I've seen ever!
What I really like about finixmlm is the customization services they provide me. My business wants numerous customizations to be added to services and has not been properly configured by my existing software partner. After seeing a lot of good reviews, I decided to continue with finix and they made my solution better. As far as I can tell, this is the only solution for my web design and they have good logo design templates and add-ons. Because in my experience getting scripts from one and integrating a template with another is always inconvenient, but this team made everything easier for me. Special thanks to Jessica - the customer support team who always take care of my requests and make things better.