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Nice bookstore with really great service. One of my favorite places to stop in to when I'm in the city with time to spare. Great selection of books
learning french (the french way is the fun way)
Just as the motto states it, "Learning french with us is fun", Ma Petite France teaches you french language in a more interesting manner. With its numerous teaching resouces such as french texte books, audio and video cds, your favorite disney cartoons and their sound tracks in french language. Educative games and native tutors to teach the language to you and you kids in a fun way
An interesting review
This is the best French tutoring service ever, love the style. So much creativity and passion would definitely continue with Ma Petite France. The dedication of their tutors is incomparable.
MPF is great !!!
First of all, you have to know that French language has a lot of economic advantages as an individual, I realise this with MaPetiteFrance and the method of teaching was really friendly and easy to comprehend while I thought that French was hard it was actually simpler than that.