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A Blessing
Healthstead is the best thing that happened to me in 2020, i had so much peace going ,there, it doesnt feel like a hospital, it feels like home, clean classy environment, most friendly and professional staff, Dr Ehi is such an amazing Dr. Very attentive and patient and And i am feeling my best in a year, i am greatful to my friend who introduced me to healthstead, and i hope that more people will discover that you can live your best life,i am so happy today dont remember the last time i felt such ease and energy, testimony loading....
Exceptional Services
I came across Healthstead Global Limited while looking for a psychotherapist for my brother who was having a lot of psychological issues. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Ehi. He was exceptional from the first meeting, he could relate to everything going on with my brother, he was so understanding, patient, attentive, never judgemental, he created a comfortable environment that made everyone feel safe, he would always go out of his way to check on my brother.
Within few weeks there has been obvious and significant improvement in my brother. I can definitely say his in a much better place. Thank you Dr. Ehi.
Highly recommended.
Self discovery and Epic Strategies
Attending Psycho-therapy sessions at Health Stead Global is so far my biggest blessing of 2020. Over the years, I dealt with Specific Anxiety, Rejection and Depression. I knew I needed help and so I decided to give Psycho-therapy a try not knowing what to expect.

I read some reviews on this platform which motivated me to contact Health Stead Global and I can say that, of a truth, my life has been transformed.

I got to understand the events that influenced my mental breakdown, the strategies I could apply to bring about necessary changes and to top it up, we demonstrated how to tackle scenarios, based on my existing life challenges. My therapy sessions were fun and I was shown genuine care and concern.

I just want to thank Health stead global and her team of professionals for the enormous support I have received so far. This is surely one of the most valuable experience I’ve encountered. Thank you Dr Ehi.
Thank you
It was nice talking to Dr Ehi. I learnt a lot. Would recommend it for anyone seeking for a therapy................
in spite of the side talks and the stigmatizing effects of depression laid on the facts that, when you speak out you will be stigmatized, i congratulate myself for coming out of my shell to talk about what was killing me slowing, ( a hidden sickness that runs in my mood) A big thank you to the counselors and Therapist i encounter recently at Healthstead Global, i really appreciate all the ambient welcome, the Laughter, the jokes, the friendliness, should i call it love, whatever, but i felt i was with my childhood friends, which really get me off my toes in a while, thanks so much healthstead and her team of therapists. i felts better after those Big jokes it was awesome, i look forward to the next Therapy session.
just intriguing
Honestly i never thought i could be freed from this so called negative thoughts, to depressions and sometimes having this tropical depression at workplace, i was really impressed when the team at healthstead placed me on a three weeks sessions of psychotherapy,( that must be what they called it) to my amazement i was reverberated, as of today they decided to extend it with two more weeks and with this i,m satisfied because i,m beginning to change and been lively with coworkers and family at large.
Excellent service
Well trained and highly experienced psychotherapists on board, I recommend this to anyone having any mental health issues. Woaaa I feel a lot better and I am practically brand new again in my mind. Thank you so much Healthstead!!!
Health Intermediary
This is a first of its kind type of company in Nigeria. Healthstead is an intermediary between health service providers and service seekers. They are directly connected to world class hospitals around the world and can facilitate your trip for overseas treatment.
Thank you for the good words. We will continue to service you better.