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Samuel John
Please I just finished secondary school but I don't want to continue now. I want to learn pipeline welding. How much is it? And how long is it to learn pipe line welding? What are the qualifications to learn pipeline welding?
11 Jul, 2019
Answer by Kriz, 14 Jul, 2019
Pipeline welding is 180,000. Duration is 10 months. Anybody is qualified to learn a skill. Application is 1000 with 1 passport photograph. All application is done through our office address. Call 07068891601
Ernest wosu
What is the cost for pipe fitting and its duration in your organization?
3 Jun, 2019
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How Long will it take to complete a course in pipeline welding?
14 May, 2019
Answer by Kriz, 15 May, 2019
6 months to 1 year
Thompson Bestman
Do you guy train on pipeline fitter? If yes how much
7 Mar, 2019
Answer by Engr. Kriz, 8 Mar, 2019
Yes. 150,000
Gospel Nnadi *
D your company do fire watch out and fire fighting training.. Can i use the certificate and look for employment if yes.. How much is the cost
12 Feb, 2019
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Please,do you do pipeline welding training? If YES, how much does it cost and what's the duration
14 Jan, 2019
Answer by Kriz, 18 Jan, 2019
Pipeline welding training is 150,000
Please i want to know, your fork lift training is duration is 3 months but other training institutions for fork lift is 5 days, please why?
13 Sep, 2018
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Pius B.
Plz do you train people on how to operate crane and if yes how much is the bil
14 May, 2018
Answer by Amb. kriz, 16 May, 2018
Yes! it costs 250,000 for periods of 3 months but we encourage you to go for the forklift because they are both lifting equipment with similar operation and forklift cost 150,000 for 3 months

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