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How much does homo vanillic acid,vanilly mandelic acid,urine test for pheochromocytoma,mri of the brain,and ecg cost?
Hello guys.
How much does Fistula in Ano cost?
Please I would love to know what it would cost me for:

1. Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test
2. Total lipid profile test.
3. Do I need to register like a clinic setting before I get attention?

Thank you.
Please how much do you do neck scan?
Good morning!

Please how much is PSA, Pelvis and prostate scan?
Please how much does chest xray cost? i need to do it like asap
How much does a diaslysis cost ?
Pls what is your price for total body check?
How much does computerized tomography scanning of the brain go for ?
Please how much do you do CT scan for the oesophagus?
Good morning sir/ma,I want to know if you open for service today
Will mecure oshodi open tomorrow 25th may which is public holiday? My sister is having serious issue with her eyes and we really need to see an eye doctor.
How much is echo CXR scan
What is the cost of colonscopy?
How much is pelvic scan and lumbosacral spine and AP and Latsal
How do I fix an appointment to see the dentist & what are the charges?
Good morning Sirs/Mas, I want to make enquiry about the test and the cost price as follow: OCT, CUF, CCT, & FP.
Please, what's the price to do MRS brain scan?
How do l get to the centre at oshodu,coming from iyana ipaja side because of the no thoroughfare by NAFDAC?
I recently had a health check under Axa Mansard and my number is ********. i was informed that i will be called when the results are complete. Is more than three weeks now and am yet to hear from Mecure. Please how do i get the results.
How do l access my health assessment.l work in LSDPC a test was conducted on me and received a text message.
How much is it for cleaning teeth crowns and veneers
Do I also have to register to do that ?

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