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Poor Customer Support
I have tried severally to make enquiries on certain occasions but no response. Your customer service is really bad, the contact numbers on your website aren't working. Pls. the management should see a way in which this is such can be rectified and ease the stress and challenges your customers are going through. Thanks.
Delay Delivery
This is the worst delivery company in Nigeria. I sent an item from Lagos to Port Harcourt takes more than 8 days to deliver. I've used more than 10 delivery companies in the past, I think this is the worst.
Opened package, stolen items.
I sent a care package from USA to Warri. Took a month to arrive , it’s contents were mostly missing . This is one crocked country. Sent through FedEx. Weight was less than half when it arrived. Can’t anything be down about this?

Rude & uncourteous delivery guy
A fedex delivery guy who came to make delivery of some goods to my office. He had a disagreement with the staff. I was called, so I tried to speak to him on the phone. He didnt bother saying anything to me apart from informing me that he was from "FEDEX"! He dropped the phone on me, picked up the goods he came to deliver and walked away with them.