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How do I supply 100% natural Palmoil without any additives to your stores in Lagos?
27 May, 2019
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Zola Mtingane
I,m a South African pensioner. I just arrived in Nigeria last few weeks. My question is, Can I swap / buy with my pension card in the Nigerian Shoprite

Thanks for respond to the consern
1 Oct, 2018
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Taibat Idowu
We produce beans powder, what are the requirement to supply to your outlet
29 Sep, 2017
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Mrs Jane Amamasi (sales Rep.).
How can I introduce the product I market KYLIN xtra cream Yogurt to your shop in Enugu. ?
10 Feb, 2017
Answer by Global entertainment , 22 Jul, 2019
Send your number to my email via so I will launch it for you
Answer by Joy , 22 Jul, 2019
Send me a mail please on your supply price. Thanks.
Musa Ojeifo
Our farms produce fresh and oven dried catfish. What do we need to do to be a supplier of these products to you?
5 Jan, 2017
Answer by Mohammed Ali, 1 Oct, 2017
We can sply you pomegranate from Egypt best quality
Adekunle Oloyede
How can I introduce a product to shoprite?
30 Apr, 2015
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