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Reviews of Emily Millionaire Cosmetics Industries Ltd

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Emily millionaire hair fertilizer is an excellent product. Before i do not allow my natural hair to be seen because of how terrible it looks, scanty and front hair chopped,stunted growth, after a friend introduced the hair fertilizer, within few months i began to see changes on my hair, and right now i can boldly display my natural hair and even lazy to fix or braid because i have a lovely full and long hair everyone admire. Although scarce, i hardly find it to buy, i recommend this product to anyone who is tired of her ugly hair scanty or chopped front hair. It works for real!!!
Reply by Valerie white
19 Nov, 2016
Nam Hi I'm Valerie I live in UK LONDON I found and recommended this fertiliser in local PAKS hair shop Finsbury Park!
I'm trusting what I read in packaging cause I can read and pronounce the ingredients.. Hope pray for me sane results as you..
Reply by Chichi
1 Feb, 2018
I need the hair fertilizer and coconut and herbs cream. I am in Uyo